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Dr. Ricardo Rossi (Elio Roca) gets into a lot of trouble when he attends to Alicia Bastion, an acquaintance of his, and his two friends, one of them injured, who steal some jewelry and leave their suitcase with the jewelry in his apartment by mistake. Ricardo, on leave, travels in search of Alicia to the town of Trapiche, in San Luis, where he provides his medical services for free, participates in a festival to raise funds for the town and falls in love with Elsa Bastion, who collaborates with her mother in the town's school. The thieves, not finding the jewels in the apartment, travel to the village in search of Ricardo, where they are caught by the police, who are notified by the service employee who finds the jewels. The doctor answers for Alicia to the police, but stays in the village in love with Elsa.

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    DIRECTOR: Fernando Siro

    CAST: Elena Cruz, Leonor Benedetto, Mercedes Harris, Santiago Bal, Rolo Puente, Elio Roca

    DURATION: 70 minutes

    YEAR: 1974

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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