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A divorce, a dog hidden in a box, many things to say, and a love that still does not have a
final point.
Laura and Marcos meet secretly to agree on some points of their imminent divorce. Laura believes that it is the right time to put an end to the relationship, and start a new life. Marcos believes that it is time to vindicate himself and, perhaps, the last opportunity to recover it. But, although they do not know it, neither Laura nor Marcos are the same as they were when they were together, just a few weeks ago, and, between reproaches, memories and unsaid confessions, they will discover that, sometimes, hiding a lie can be as difficult as telling the truth.
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    DIRECTOR: Federico Bezenzette

    CAST: Damián De Santo - Karina Piñeiro - Mercedes Funes - Johanna Francella - Julián Bellese - José Luis Gioia - Gustavo Conti

    DURATION: 7E x 19 minutes

    YEAR: 2023

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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