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Time of legislative elections in Argentina. The candidate lists are about to close. In the middle of the night, the corpse of a decapitated woman appears in the brand-new home of one of the aspiring national congressmen. His partner, a young officer, with the help of the Prosecutor appointed in the case, will try to unravel the riddle that contains the macabre message. After the veiled threat, a mafia plot of impunity and espionage will soon begin to unfold, involving  the highest echelons of political power in a sinister business.

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    DIRECTOR: Ezequiel César Inzaghi

    CAST: Eugenia Tobal - Luciano Cáceres - Esteban Meloni - Ludovico Di Santo - Roly Serrano

    DURATION: 100 minutes

    YEAR: 2018

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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