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History of a producer in the time of the great studies, in which the cinema of author has no place.

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    DIRECTOR: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson

    CAST: Rosa Rosen, Guillermo Battaglia, Guillermo Murray, Mirko Alvarez, Fernando Vegal, Alicia Bellán, Pepe Soriano, Ví­ctor Proncet, Juan José Mirabelli, Justo Martí­nez, Osvaldo Robledo, Mabel Duclós, Eduardo Nobili, Pacheco Fernández, Mariela Reyes, Mónica Linares, Alberto Barcel, Arsenio Perdiguero, Ricardo Quinteros, Carlos Romero, Mario Benigno y Aí­da Villadeamigo

    DURATION: 80 minutes

    YEAR: 1956

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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