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Year 1983. Argentina ends the period called "the Process", that is the Military Dictatorship. The "Bear" (Rodolfo Ranni) feels like an endangered dinosaur. His trade (torturer, kidnapper, murderer) seems to be a memory. One day Bear takes the subway and is recognized by Julio, father of a young man who was disappeared and kidnapped by Bear. Julio begins to follow Oso, who turns to former bosses and possible partners. One of them (Gerardo Sofovich) tells him the truth: "Oso: we are in retreat"... The first film to talk about the "disappeared" from the Argentinean dictatorship, even before the -more famous- "The Official Story".

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    DIRECTOR: Juan Carlos Desanzo

    CAST: Rodolfo Ranni - María Vaner - Julio De Grazia

    DURATION: 87 minutes

    YEAR: 1984

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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