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Since 2006, Susana and Nélida, the protagonists of this story, have been imprisoned in the Tucumán Women's Prison. They are accused of a crime of which they claim to be innocent. They were sentenced to 20 years in prison for the disappearance of a teacher friend of theirs, Beatriz Argañaraz, whose body was never found. Susana and Nélida continue praying every day for the body to be found and the mystery to be solved. In the meantime, their lives have changed dramatically in the last 16 years living behind bars.
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    DIRECTOR: Agustín Toscano

    CAST: Documentary

    DURATION: 90 minutes

    YEAR: 2023

    COUNTRY: Argentina


    WIP LINK 2022 Málaga WIP y Gorki Postproducción de imagen - Málaga WIP 2023 premios: Sanfic, Latam cinema y Yagán Films - Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival



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