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This is an unhappiness love story, set in the port of Mar del Plata during the Malvinas War. In spite of the adverse weather, a fisherman goes out to sea escaping from his emotions and gets lost, reaching an area called La Campana, a mythical place where time stands still. While only one afternoon passes for him, more than twenty years go by on land. When he returns to the port, he will discover that the country is no longer the same and the people will have changed.

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    DIRECTOR: Fredy Torres

    CAST: Lito Cruz - Jorge Nolasco - Rocí­o Pavón - Marí­a Fernanda Callejón - Carlos Kaspar - Mónica Ayos - Juan Diego West - Alfredo Allende - Julián Howard - Gabriel Conlazo - Marcelo Serre - Mariel Natalia Gómez - Ignacio Vavassori

    DURATION: 87 minutes

    YEAR: 2010

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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