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Chronicle of the criminal career of Luciano Benoit, lieutenant of the Mafia kingpin Francesco Donato, Don Chicho. Luciano plans to expand the business by adding the robbery and kidnapping to prostitution and extortion. But, when he orders the abduction of a boy from a wealthy family, all public opinion is put against him. After the murder of the young man, Don Chicho also declares war on him.

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    DIRECTOR: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson

    CAST: Alfredo Alcón, Thelma Biral, José Slavin, China Zorrilla, Héctor Alterio, Linda Peretz, José Marí­a Gutiérrez, Miguel Jordán, Raúl Fraire, José E. Felicetti, Roberto Airaldi, Noemí­ Granata, Tina Francis, Saul Jarlip, Diego Botto y Alejandro Marcial

    DURATION: 120 minutes

    YEAR: 1972

    COUNTRY: Argentina


    Ganadora de los premios de la Asociación Argentina de Crí­ticos de Cine de 1973 a la Mejor Pelí­cula, Mejor Actor de Reparto, Mejor Director y Mejor Actriz.



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