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Set in the Buenos Aires of the years 40, the plot revolves around Mary (Susana Giménez), a humble neighborhood girl who, thanks to a prediction, prevents her father from losing his life in a streetcar accident, earning the reputation of "being able to predict the future ". Mary grows up as a cheerful, but very chaste girl. One afternoon, he crosses the bus with a boy named Cholo (Carlos Monzón). Is in  that moment that Mary, thanks to her gift, announces that he will be the man who shall marry in the future. They end up contracting marriage, beginning a passionate relationship confronted by Mary's chastity and Cholo's sexual desire. The drama increases when Mary begins to enter the madness and predicts a series of deaths in the family of Cholo,  creating a climate of passion, suspense, eroticism and paranormal phenomena.

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    DIRECTOR: Daniel Tinayre

    CAST: Susana Giménez - Carlos Monzón - Dora Baret - Alberto Argibay

    DURATION: 110 minutes

    YEAR: 1974

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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