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Year 1910 and in Argentina the acts of the centennial of the revolution of May were carried out. The film tells the story of a high-class family, coinciding with the decline of the aristocratic classes in those years. Four brothers, living under the tutelage of an authoritarian grandmother. They are manifested in history, politics, corruption, sex and the struggle to impose the egalitarian and social changes of the new order.

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    DIRECTOR: Antonio Larreta

    CAST: China Zorrilla, Sergi Mateu, Alberto Segado, Marí­a Teresa Costantini, Ví­ctor Laplace y Chunchuna Villafañe

    DURATION: 93 minutes

    YEAR: 1989

    COUNTRY: Argentina


    Nominada al Golden St. George en el Festival Internacional de Cine de Moscú 1989



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