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Susy, with an “ideal” life, owner of a beautiful family. Together with Luis, her current husband, and her three children, she managed to build a fort, seemingly indestructible. But an unexpected call from the past causes everything to collapse.
Maru, her eldest daughter, finds out that her biological father, Charly, was not dead as Susy made everyone believe. This forces them to return to the town “Pampa del Infierno” and unearth a dark, painful and fearful past for both of them.
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    DIRECTOR: Diego Suárez

    CAST: Miram Lanzoni - Lucila Gandolfo - Osvaldo Laport - Nicolás García Hume - Claudio Rissi - Guillermo Arengo - Mónica Villa - Daniel Pacheco - Nadia Furst

    DURATION: 82 minutes

    YEAR: 2023

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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