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It tells the story of a Canarian woman called Feifi (voices of Luisana Lopilato), who manages to escape from the cage that kept her prisoner at the residence of Señor Puertas (Luis Machí­n), and a sparrow (Mariano Martí­nez) called Juan, who wants to stand out from the rest. Together with their friends the Libyan Dove (Mirta Wons), the Pipo Hummingbird (Peto Menahem) and the Clarita Bat (Carla Peterson), Juan and Feifi will live great adventures in search of freedom and to get rid of their enemies the Fredy Cat (Mike Amigorena), the Tero Lí­der (Mario Pasik), the Aguilucho (Esteban Prol) and Señor Puertas. Other notable characters are the Monjita Blanca (Muriel Santa Ana), the Papagallo (Diego Reinhold), the Gallo de la Mañana (Fabio di Tomasso) and the Jote (Manuel Vicente).

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    DIRECTOR: Daniel De Felippo - Gustavo Giannini

    CAST: Animation

    DURATION: 80 minutes

    YEAR: 2010

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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