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In Montevideo, in the mythical neighborhood of Reus there is a family: the band of the Tano. This family maintains a struggle for the power of the neighborhood with the local traders, members of the Jewish community. Tano is the leader of the family, but he lives in exile from Reus. For Tano the most important thing is to regain control of the neighborhood and plan to avenge the big fish of the traders, Don Elí­as.

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    DIRECTOR: Pablo Fernández - Alejandro Pi - Eduardo Piñero

    CAST: Camilo Parodi, Alberto Acosta, Micaela Gatti, Walter Etchandi, Mauricio Navarro, Flavio González y Nicolás Cabrera

    DURATION: 89 minutes

    YEAR: 2011

    COUNTRY: Uruguay- Brasil


    Nominada a Mejor Ficción por Fecico Festival de Cine del Conurbano 2013



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