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Cuba, 1983. Santa is a thirty-year-old peasant girl who works on a state farm. Andrés is a fifty-year-old homosexual writer who, according to the government, has "ideological problems". As is usual with those disaffected with the revolution, every time there is a political event in the area, someone is sent to keep an eye on it and prevent it from committing some act of public opposition. This time, the task of watching over the people falls to Santa. For three consecutive days Santa sits at the entrance of Andrés' cabin to supervise his every move.

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    DIRECTOR: Carlos Lechuga

    CAST: Lola Amores - Eduardo Martínez - Cesar Domínguez

    DURATION: 105 minutes

    YEAR: 2016

    COUNTRY: Cuba


    Winner of Best Performance at Miami Film Festival 2017 - Winner of Best Actress and Best Picture at Guadalajara International Film Festival 2017 - Winner of Best Film at Santo Domingo OutFest 2017 - Winner of Best Actress at Lleida Latin-American Film Festival 2017



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