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Sandro is a professional racer, believed and superb, especially to women. After an accident that leaves him psychologically blind and paralyzed, he understands, with the help of two nuns, the true meaning of love and the beautiful little things of life.

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    DIRECTOR: Leo Fleider

    CAST: Sandro, Marcos Zucker, Alfredo Iglesias, Alicia del Solar, Olinda Bozán, Elena Sedova, Loló Prat, José Marí­a Labernié, Alberto Mazzini, Juan José Camero, Nancy Lopresti, Oscar Petri, Augusto Paz, Juan Quetglas, Carlos Romano, Pablo Cumo y Domingo Márquez

    DURATION: 90 minutes

    YEAR: 1971

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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