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Angelica is in crisis. Her mother has recently died, she has to empty her childhood home because they are going to demolish it, she doesn't seem to have overcome the breakup with her ex and she is about to turn 40. Not knowing how to deal with any of these things, she escapes into the past: she secretly takes refuge in her childhood home and, while around her the walls are crumbling, reality becomes rarer.

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    DIRECTOR: Delfina Castagnino

    CAST: Cecilia Rainero, Antonio Grimau, Andrea Garrote, Diego Cremonesi

    DURATION: 103 minutes

    YEAR: 2019

    COUNTRY: Argentina


    Festival de Mar del Plata: Mejor película competencia argentina 2019 - Premios Sur: Nominados a mejor actor de reparto (Arzeno) y actriz de reparto (Garrote) 2020



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