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Ana is a therapeutic companion who is having a secret, guilty affair with Leo, the boyfriend of her best friend, Dolo. Dolo settles in Ana's house, causing a situation that becomes increasingly complicated. An undesirable neighbor, a heavy and indiscreet neighbor and an inexperienced policeman add up to a series of entanglements where women must overcome betrayals and rivalries to get out of the situation and regain their friendship. A black comedy with the codes of the typical comedy of entanglements.

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    DIRECTOR: Matí­as Tapia- Carlos Piwowarski

    CAST: Sofí­a Bertolotto- Coral Cabaglio- Azul Fernández- Chucho Fernández- Juan Tupac Solar- Mirta Wons

    DURATION: 67 minutes

    YEAR: 2018

    COUNTRY: Argentina


    AIPE Latin Golden Award



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