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“CAPTAINS OF AMERICA” is a series of 12 documentary feature films that captures the essence of each of the main soccer players in Latin America, in their own environment, showing the path of effort and dedication they went through in the pursue of their dream of becoming a professional football player.

T1. Martín Palermo - Julio César Dely Valdés - Carlos "El Pibe" Valderrama - Iván Alonso

T2. José Saturnino Cardozo - Álvaro "Chino" Recoba - Daniel Osvaldo - Fernando Clavijo

T3. Claudio Pizarro - Carlos Hermosillo - Mauro Silva - Benjamín Galindo

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    DIRECTOR: Gonzalo Lamela

    CAST: Documentary

    DURATION: 12x45 minutes

    YEAR: 2022

    COUNTRY: Uruguay




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