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Five children of a man more Argentine than Perón, more Latin American than Chávez and more revolutionary than Che have on their shoulders the backpack of being children of that parent. The day he dies they will know and understand that there is something that unites them beyond their differences.

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    DIRECTOR: Pablo Yotich

    CAST: Nazarena Velez, Bárbara Velez, Raúl Rizzo, Pablo Yotich, Roberto Peña, Willy Crook, Javier Calamaro, Sandra Villaruel, Ximena Riejel, Raúl Biaggioni, Natacha Jaitt, Belén Santos, Susana Hornos y Fernando Cipolla

    DURATION: 120 minutes

    YEAR: 2013

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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