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Ernesto, a depressed man who has lost all hope, decides to hire a mysterious company to end his suffering. However, his world is turned upside down when he meets Rita, a charming woman whom he falls deeply in love with.
The surprise comes when he discovers that Rita is the hired assassin meant to kill him. In love with Ernesto, she doesnt want to carry out her job, and they decide to escape together. Soon, they realize they are not alone, as another assassin has been hired to finish Ritas job and will stop at nothing to accomplish it.
Ernesto and Rita are forced to embark on a frantic race as they fight to save their lives and their newly discovered love.
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    DIRECTOR: Augusto Tejada

    CAST: María Eugenia Suarez - Joaquín Furriel

    DURATION: 90 minutes

    YEAR: 2022

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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