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When Ivan, a 24-year-old unknown Uruguayan musician, receives the bad news that his flight wont depart from the airport due to inclement weather, he doesnt know that coincidences exist that can lead to the most exciting night of his short life.

Forced to spend the night in a luxury hotel (paid for by the airline he was traveling with), he encounters a "star" (one of those celebrities loved and admired by everyone), 20 years older than him, who is in the same situation, alone, and waiting for the storm to pass so she can fly to her destination.

Unexpected circumstances bring Ivan and our "celebrity" together as they weave a relationship not unlike that of Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft in "The Graduate", but through a series of events that take place in the hotel, our star drags Ivan into absurd, incomprehensible, dramatic, and humorous situations.

We discover that the celebrity hides many secrets and finds in Ivan the perfect companion to confront her demons and free herself from some dark incidents happening in her current life.

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    DIRECTOR: Alejandro Bazzano

    CAST: Florencia Raggi, Alan Daicz, Rafael Ferro, Luis Cao

    DURATION: 93 minutes

    YEAR: 2022

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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