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Pascual Del Vecchio dedicates his life to what he loves: olive trees and olive oil production, alongside his youngest son Miguel. One day, he catches his wife Graciela having sex with their accountant in the warehouse, and his world comes crashing down. The shock causes him to have a collapse that leaves him in a coma for several days. When he wakes up, something has changed in him. Pascual is convinced that he is a mafia boss. From now on, anyone who stands in his way will be executed according to the principles of the Sicilian Mafia. His son and right-hand man, Miguel, is responsible for carrying out his orders. Pascual commands ridiculous crimes that Miguel secretly resolves by firing people and providing compensations, making his father believe that his orders are being carried out, all while keeping his mother on an eternal trip across Europe.
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    DIRECTOR: Luciano Leyrado

    CAST: Juan Leyrado, Andrea Frigerio, Romina Fernandez, Ignacio Toselli, Pablo Musetti, Ornella

    DURATION: 90 minutes

    YEAR: 2023

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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