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The story begins on the eve of the 2001 crisis and with Chino losing his job, which was in the black and where his employer swindled him. This is the starting point for Chino to look for it, because at home he has a wife and a child to feed. That's how he starts to cardboard himself and it's at this point that he discovers that in the street his character and size don't help him much: he's a pichi and, besides having to learn the codes, he has to let himself be taught.

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    DIRECTOR: Matí­as Bertilotti

    CAST: Luis Luque - Fabián Arenillas - Micaela Vázquez - Nicolás Riera - Aymara Rovera

    DURATION: 13 x 45 minutes

    YEAR: 2017

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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