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HÉCTOR (Alejandro Fiore), DENIS (Nazarena Vélez) and PIERO (Pablo Yotich) are part of a gang of kidnappers. Each one has a particular skill and, in turn, a labor facade before society. Héctor is a policeman, Denis and Piero are merchants. The trio is dedicated to kidnapping direct relatives of wealthy businessmen and, to a lesser extent, politicians. They ask for money to free them, and they know how to threaten and manipulate the victims so that the police do not participate in the negotiation. In case the latter happens, Hector solves it. Denis is the negotiator, Héctor the one who chooses the victims and the strategist of the kidnappings, Piero the one who does the dirty work. In the execution of a kidnapping, something goes wrong, a disintelligence of Piero provokes a crude armed confrontation. If you know, they have kidnapped a relative of a powerful mafioso (Gerardo Romano) who acts internationally. They will pay with blood and sweat for this crude mistake.

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    DIRECTOR: Pablo Yotich

    CAST: Nazarena Vélez - Alejandro Fiore - Pablo Yotich

    DURATION: 6 x 45 minutes

    YEAR: 2020

    COUNTRY: Argentina




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